Andy Han

My story started in 2015 with a university case study on developing wearable technology for use in mitigating lower back pain; however upon completion of my Cert II/IV in Fitness, I began coaching in the commercial sector.


This was where I developed and applied various effective strength training systems and rehabilitation protocols however following the C-19 pandemic I transitioned into the private sector which coincided with my developing interest in working with Women in Sports. 


Anatomy, physiology and biomechanics are amongst some of my interests but none are greater than my passion for providing the relevant preparation and support for all individuals seeking to optimise their training and sporting performance as well as the appropriate training aid to mitigate the chances of ACL Ruptures and lower limb injuries currently affecting women in contact sports.


Aside from weightlifting, another hobby of mine is creating desserts which come in the form of various patisseries and are often influenced by French and Japanese flavours.


Areas of Specialisation: 


Strength Training & Olympic Weightlifting 

Sports Specific Strength & Conditioning (Speed & Power Development) 

Shoulder Rehabilitation & Injury Prevention


Formal Qualifications: 


Cert III/IV in Fitness: Fitness Institute Australia, 2017

Level 1 ASCA: Australian Strength and Conditioning Association, 2018 

Level 1 AWF: Australian Weightlifting Federation, 2018

Level 2 AWF: Australian Weightlifting Federation, 2019


Other Qualifications, Certifications & Seminars: 


Associate Degree in Design & Manufacturing: RMIT, 2012 

Sebastian Oreb & Andrew Locke: Deconstructing the Gym Lifts – 3 Day Seminar, 2020 Fat Loss Fundamentals: Clean Health Institute, 2021

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