Stef PRINGLE | Coach

Hi there, I’m Stef. A certified Personal Trainer and Intuitive Eating Facilitator with over 10 years industry experience in the health and fitness industry.

My story likely sounds alot like yours. I struggled with my body, dieting and compulsive exercise at an early age. My body was policed from when I was a ‘chubby kid’ to a time when I was a junior tennis player and then, all throughout my career in fitness. This manifested into a hardcore obsession with training and dieting, culminating in the development of an eating disorder.

Desperate and at rock-bottom, I decided to try intuitive eating and non-diet philosophies. In doing so, I made peace with food, began to actually enjoy exercise and cultivated a deeply compassionate relationship with my body. Full of life and healthier than ever, I help people just like you to do the same.

Areas of Specialisation

Women's Strength Specialist | Holistic Health | Rehabilitation | Strength & Hypertrophy | Program Design

Interests & Experiences

Tennis | Gigs | Comedies | Reading (Fiction) | Cat Mum