Tegan Fisher

I grew up as a dancer and loved playing sports. So naturally this lead me down the health and fitness
path. I became a Pilates Instructor in 2012 and a Personal Trainer is 2016.
Having competed in a novice powerlifting comp in 2016 I have been hooked ever since. I was lucky
enough to compete at 1 world and 2 national level competitions and have coached a handful of
clients to the platform as well. I truly understand how much of a game changer strength training and
performance-based goals are.
My focus for my clients is to help build a strong, powerful physique, confident mind, and gain
knowledge through strength training. I love the challenge of them having performance-based goals.
There is no better feeling when you see they’ve achieved that goal.
I pride myself on delivering the most optimal training sessions and programming, specific to their
goals so they can perform their best, whether they are looking to build muscle, lose fat or maintain.
If you’re looking to improve technique, get stronger or even want to compete at a powerlifting
competition, let’s book in an initial consultation.


Cert 3 Group Fitness

Cert 4 Personal Training

Cert 4 Mat & Reformer Pilates

Mach Methods Seminar

3 Day Squat Bench Deadlift Course

2 Day Enterprise Course

Nexus Mentorship

Program Design by Tony Boutagy (starting end sept)


Competitive Powerlifter (U56kg & U60kg)

SQUAT – 102.5kg

BENCH – 55kg

DEADLIFT – 135kg

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