Andy HAN | Coach

My pathway started in 2015 with a university case study on developing wearable tech but a shift in circumstances led me to the fitness industry.

Initially motivated to understand human movement and the concept of programming to enhance sporting performances, I became interested in developing effective rehab protocols and strength training systems through working with various injury cases. 

Without any gym or training experiences, I was as green as it could get. With a lot of self directed learning, these steep learning curves helped forge the coach that I am today, eager to share my experiences, practices and knowledge with those that might find themselves in a similar position.

Areas of Specialisation

Strength Training | Olympic Weightlifting | Rehab (Shoulder & Tendinopathy) | Biomechanics | Program Design

Interests & Experiences

Oxfam Trail Walker 100km | Patisserie | Endurance Racing | Videography | Long Distance Hiking | Spartan Race